Dr. Magdalena Arcia, Psychotherapy / Psicoterapia - "Emotional Stability is the Key to Happiness"
 Mindfulness based Cognitive Psychotherapy,
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, 
Cross-Cultural Expert.  

 Adults, Adolescents and Children.
Couples of mixed cultures.


Dr. Arcia´s private practice is mostly oriented to English speakers from different countries living in Spain. Her experience covers a wide range of psychiatric, emotional and behavioral disorders; depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, anorexia, bulimia, obesity, sexuality, obsessive compulsive disorders,  psychological and physical abusecommon behavioral problems in children and adolescents; separation anxiety, parent-adolescent conflicts,  oppositional disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity, among others.

 Sessions are individualized but also conduct therapy for
Families and other Groups.

  As Cross-Cultural Psychology ExpertDr. Arcia makes great emphasis in cultural influences on emotions and behavior, she specializes in bi-cultural couple´s therapy where cultural backgrounds have a great impact. She  also works closely with international professionals in international businesses as well as  Universities throughout Spain with international students, giving talks on Cross-cultural issues, helping staff and foreign students gain insight into Cross-cultural conflict resolution and cultural-adaptation process while living in Spain. 

Dr. Arcia is available for SKYPE SESSIONS. 

 Workshops and Presentations on request.

(34)691 01 07 96


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